domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2017

Custom # 48 - Valentina

Custom # 48

Blythe Hybrid - various parts of different models

Face plates - light taned TBL (NOT FAKE)
Eyes mechanism - original  Takara
Body - Licca doll
Scalp - Jecci Fice doll

My custom Work includes.

Carved Nose  Mouth
2 Chip Removal and Replacement
Sleepy Eyes
Full Face-up with pastels
MSC flat UV cut sealant

sábado, 12 de setembro de 2015

Custom Blythe doll # 42

 Custom#42 - order for Enid

Base doll: Blythe Heather Sky
My custom Work:
Carving of Eyes, Nose, Philitrum, Mouth
Gaze Correction/Cross Eyes/Chips Removal and Replacement (you provide chips)
Sleepy Eyes
Painted and gloss Lips
Full Face-up with pastels, acrylics
Hair cut and hidration
New eyelashes
Ooak pulls rings
MSC flat UV cut sealant 
Pure Neemo body 
4 eyeschip provided by client
eyelids design - unique
Retroot Mohair scalp handmade By Blythe in Wonderland

sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

My name is Minda. I live in the "Atlantic Pearl", Madeira, Portugal. It is a beautiful island full of sunshine and flowers which reign in its most beautiful forms and colors. I am an art teacher for 15 years and love my job. Daily deal with the purest sources of imagination, children. They are true treasures that surprise us every day of goodies. Of all the children, that inspires me most of my art is my daughter. Has eight years, is small in size but has a great, great artist ... creative, sweet, her creativity has no limits and finds it to every work she creates with its tiny little hands.
My passion for Blythe began around the year 2008. Since then that I collect and did my first custom on 2009. Blythe dolls are like small treasures with their own individual personalities.
I want to live forever in this world of dream and fantasy, to believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny ... I want to be always a child ... but in a society of responsible adults all my "soul child" is transmitted by my creations, by my art ... inspired by this beautiful world that is childhood.


Minda * Blythe in Wonderland